the profile of the travellers
from a dutch point of view
the power of monuments
idealized landscapes
in search of antiquities
everyday life among ruins
in the service of the divine
athens: a place or an ideal?
ancient vs. contemporary

selected bibliography
links and resources travellers



The making of this online exhibition would not have been possible without the gracious and much valued support of the following persons and institutes. We are very grateful to Garrelt Verhoeven and Steph Scholten of the Bijzondere Collecties / Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam for granting us permission to use printed books and maps from this collection in the online exhibition and in the accompanying catalogue. Furthermore, we are indebted to Jeannet Bierling, Monique Fasel, Yvonne de Wit, Jeremy Jongepier, Marike van Roon, Wim van Stormbroek, Jos van Waterschoot, Jan Werner, Paul Dijstelberge en Karel Van der Hoek for their advice and support. Also we would like to thank the director of the Allard Pierson Museum Wim Hupperetz and his team for showing this online exhibition as part of the exhibition Life among Ruins / Leven tussen brokstukken in the Allard Person Museum between 21.10.2011 and 29.01.2012. Special thanks are due to Sebastiaan Bommeljé of Parnassus Press and to Steven Boland for their help in the realisation of this online exhibition and the accompanying catalogue, as well as to Jacqueline Houwertjes who helped us with research on the travellers. The research for the online exhibition and for the catalogue was supported financially by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (nwo).

Joanita Vroom & Fotini Kondyli.